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알아두면 좋은 두문자어(Acronym) 모음
created : 2021-09-23 | updated : 2021-09-23


두문자어(頭文字語/Acronym)이란 낱말의 머리글자를 모아서 만든 줄임말이다. 프로그래머로 일하며 많은 두문자어를 접하였고, 종종 두문자어인지 모르다가 나중에야 실제 의미를 알게 되기도 했다. 두문자어의 특성상 원래 의미를 알고 나면 개념이나 의미를 이해하기 더 쉬워지기도 하여 프로그래밍 혹은 업무상 커뮤니케이션과 관련된 두문자어를 모아 보았다.

두문자어 모음


TBA To Be Announced    
TBD To Be Determined or To Be Decided    
TL;DR Too Long Didn’t Read    
FYI For Your Information    
ASAP As Soon As Possible    
AKA Also Known As    
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival    
ETD Estimated Time of Departure    
RSVP Respondez, S’il Vous Plait    
IDK I Don’t Know    
LGTM Looks Good To Me    

프로그래밍 관련

DSL Domain Specific Language  
DLL Dynamic Link Library  
EOF End of File  
EOL End of Line  
IME Input Method Editor  
SPOF Single Point of Failure  
DRY Don’t Repeat Yourself  
API Application Programming Interface  
RPC Remote Procedure Call  
CDN Content Delivery Network  
FTP File Transfer Protocol  
REGEX Regular Expression  
CVS Concurrent Versioning System  
CLI Command Line Interface  
PEP Python Enhancement Proposals  
NaN Not a Number  
SPA Single Page Application  
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get  
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange  
ANSI American National Standards Institute  
HTML HyperText Markup Language  
CSS Cascading Style Sheets  
XML eXtensible Markup Language  
YAML YAML Ain’t Markup Language  
GNU GNU’s Not Unix  
AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML  
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol  
JSON JavaScript Object Notation  
CSV Comma-separated values  
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics  


L10N Localization  
I18N Internationalization  
SaaS Software as a Service  
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service  
K8S Kubernetes  
MVP Minimum Viable Product  


KPI Key Performance Indicator  
OKR Object Key Result  
DAU Daily Active User  
MAU Monthly Active User  
ARPPU Average Revenue Per Paying User  
SEO Search Engine Optimization  
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